Treats review by J!

*Disclaimer* K won a $25 dollar gift card for Auntie Loo's through a draw on Victoire's blog (love your stores!)* 

Today, we asked our friend J to review for us, since we brought over all the goods to a dinner she ever so graciously invited us to. Without further adieu, here's J!


If you ever thought that in order to have deliciously satisfying and comforting desserts requires butter, eggs and other animal products, think again. A trip to Auntie Loo’s bakery on Bronson St. in Ottawa will surely change your mind. A recent Friday afternoon visit by K meant a redemption of a $25 gift certificate and yielded a box full of vegan baked goodness. 

Among the scrumptious treats were Lavender cupcakes, Earl Grey cupcake, Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake, Nanaimo bar, gluten-free brownie and banana cake… and they were all vegan!!! I can say that I, a long-time vegetarian with some vegan tendencies, was extremely impressed. Not only could I not tell the difference between what I was eating and non-vegan versions of the treats, I was so impressed by the flavors and textures of the Lavender cupcake and Nanaimo bar that I ate. 

The cupcake was moist with subtle hints of Lavender and the icing was similar to a buttercream but without the heaviness that normally comes with using all the butter that goes into making the icing. The Nanaimo bar was rich and full of nutty/coconutty goodness with a smooth custard centre and covered delicious chocolate. There is no doubt that I will be visiting Auntie Loo’s again! 


Many thanks to J for her post - you're the coolest vegetarian I know - and that's saying something!


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