Au Pied de Cochon Cabane à Sucre

This post won't be heavy on the review side. Just go. If you get the chance to go, just do it. You will eat like a complete pig, and everything will be totally delicious - totally worth the money. Martin Picard was in the house, manning the smoker and talking to guests, but when we were done he was nowhere to be seen, so no picture with him sadly.

... and here we go.

My sister-in-law and her boyfriend. The cabane was a classic set up, and we sat at a table for ten.

Creeper shot of guy shucking oysters with an amazing fox hat.

Maple syrup. 'Nuff said.

Boozy coffee with maple liqueur, maple whipped cream, and burnt maple sugar around the rim. Tasty as all hell. Would have been nice to know they were $10 a pop before ordering three, but oh well.

Oyster starter served on a slab of wood. St. Simone oysters with a maple gelee. This was my frist time eating oysters. A little slimy, but edible.

Caesar-esque salad with pork crackling, ham, and cheddar. Pretty much the only green thing for the whole meal.

Maple cured fish (didn't catch what kind) blini's. Totally messed up eating this properly, but the fish was tasty.

One of the group's favourite course - pea soup with foie gras and pork. Totally divine. Would eat this for days. Also my first time eating foie gras, it was amazing!

Half a tortiere. Wish I had bought one to take home, the crust on this thing was the BEST crust I'd ever had. Served with homemade ketchup.

Deep-fried smoked salmon maki with pate (I think) and a maple soy dipping sauce.

Maple syrup soaked potatoe and lobster fritata. Amazing presentation.

What you look (and feel) like when all this food has been served to you within an hour. Delicious, delicious pain.

Maple pulled pork with maple roasted potatoes and parsnips... Apologies for the pork being out of focus, I snapped this picture quickly so I could dive in. The other group sharing our table didn't eat their HUGE piece of crackling, and I was right pissed at them for wasting something so tasty.

Chicken in dark beer and maple sauce with gnocchi. Best gnocchi I've had, ever. That's really saying something coming from me, I have high standards when it comes to gnocchi. I think the beer sauce kicked it over the top.

Apple tarte tatin. The crust was again, amazing. It was beautifully caramelized, and was as sweet as candy.

We didn't catch what this was, this occurred occasionally due to the language barrier on our part, but was soaked in maple syrup.

Maple galette with maple sugar cotton candy. This was so creamy and crunchy, it was great. It was sad we were so full by this point and couldn't finish it all.

Last but not least, maple syrup in snow. Classic and fun to eat indoors.

And that's it. So again, go. Go, go, go. The drive was terrible (the weather), the food and service was superb, and if we get a chance to go again, we will. It also only cements our desire to visit Au Pied de Cochon on our next visit to Montreal.


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  1. that dessert was grand-pères au syrop d'érable!!!! YUM!