3.14159265s are round

Happy PI Day everybody! It's apparently also another day, ahem, which I learned about via Twitter, but I'm not going to discuss that here! To celebrate this incredibly nerdy day, A and I decided to go grab a pie for dessert. We ended up at:

Life of Pie
1095 Bank Street, Ottawa

There was only one type of pie left when we got there at 3:30, so we decided to pick a Cranberry/ Blueberry pie to take home. There were a lot of other munchies there tempting me, like cupcakes, scones, and Pascale's Ice Creams... but today is all about pie.

The pie looked like it had promise. Nicely baked and golden brown, with a thick crust - which is a must-have with me.

Unfortunately, we were disappointed by this pie. The filling was good, with tart cranberries and sweet blueberries. The crusts, however, were an issue. On both the top and bottom, the crusts were paper thin. I'm actually a little impressed they held together when I took out our slices. You could barely taste the crust through the cranberries and blueberries, and when you got to the end, a huge piece of thick crust awaited. Although normally I would find that awesome, but when I finally got a chance to actually taste the crust, I felt like it could have been a bit flakier.

I feel like today might have been an off day, since I've ordered a berry crisp and a pumpkin pie from them for Thanksgiving, and both pies were fantastic then. Or maybe the trick is to only order the single crust pies, and avoid the doubles. In any case, we will try them out again, maybe next time for lunch (and what sounds like a tempting handpie!)...


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