Food court dinner

Sometimes, when you're shopping in a mall, you gotta eat. Often, there are many questionable choices in a food court. Actually, one of my most memorable meals was in a food court. It was a savoury crepe in the West Edmonton Mall, and it was chicken thai. It was fantastic, and the vendor was really sweet.

Back to my original reason for this post, needing food in the Rideau Centre. Aaron had his usual, Manchu Wok. I, however, wanted to try the newest fast food stop in the food court.

The Chippy
Rideau Centre Mall, Ottawa

The Chippy is the fast food version of Elephant and Castle, which used to be upstairs at Rideau, but has been re-branded as The EX. The Chippy's focus is deep fried seafood and fries. From memory, I think they had shrimp, scallops, and different types of fish. The special of the day was two pieces of haddock, fries, coleslaw and a drink.

The whole special came to a little more than $7. It was actually pretty decent. The fish was hot, crispy, and the batter was close to perfect... not too thick, not too thin. The fish itself was good, firm, and didn't taste fishy. The fries weren't as good, a little too soft for my liking, which was possibly caused by the oil temperature being a bit low? The coleslaw was fresh enough, but watery. All in all, a decent FISH meal in a food court. I'll be back!

- K

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