Madonna Boobs

I know, I KNOW. You're sitting there going - wtf is she talking about? What place does Madonna's chest have on a site like this? Well, I'm not actually talking about Madonna's boobs, I'm talking about what our family affectionately refers to as Madonna Boobs, since I haven't yet asked my sister, who speaks some Japanese, to translate for me.

Most candy that I eat (even though now I'm not eating as much) has some kind of back story to it. These are no different. As I haven't traveled too much, I've always tended to like foods that I can't easily get. One of my earliest candy-related memories (yes, I have many) is walking from my uncle's home in Mississauga to the little Japanese corner store with my sister. We would stock up on all the Japanese candy we could (there wasn't much demand for it in Sault Ste. Marie, still isn't) and brought it home with us.

The best part was when the owners started recognizing us, even though we only visited every six to ten months. So, my cravings for Japanese candy have long been a part of my life. When I moved to Ottawa I started frequenting the Japanese store on Slater, which sadly no longer exists, and I can't recall it's name (anyone?). I'm not sure if any other Japanese stores exist in Ottawa, but for now, I have been satisfying my hankering at T&T on Hunt Club Rd. Much to my surprise, I saw a whole sleeve of Madonna Boobs!

They aren't cheap, at a little less than $5 for the whole thing - but hey, they're imported, and I never see them, so I forgave myself for buying this expensive treat. Madonna Boobs, in particular, are made with the popular (I'm assuming here) combination of strawberry chocolate and dark chocolate. If you've never had Japanese chocolate, be prepared, it's very unique. It's very smooth and the flavours are very obvious in the chocolate.

Can you see why we call them Madonna Boobs now? Their flavour is a bit difficult to explain, but if you get a chance to try Japanese candy or chocolate, do it. I also realize the timing of this post can be construed as a bit off, since I bought these before the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I guess you can take this as my call to support Japanese businesses like Meiji, and don't be scared to try Japanese chocolate!



  1. So, not nearly as entertaining as "Madonna Boobs," but they're called Aporo (Apollo). :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today, good luck with the macarons!

  2. So these are what you were talking about on that late night trip back from pho! Very cool!

    Yes, I see why you call them Madonna's boobs :P