Going to Town... <-- that's a pun!

On Good Friday, K and I decided we would go for lunch with some friends since we were both off. The friends happen to be Steph and Drew, two very popular tweeps.

For lunch we decided to go to Town, 296 Elgin St.

I liked their fun menu presentation on a clipboard.

We all decided on some drinks, Drew and I had a pint of Kichesippi Natural Blonde. K and Steph both decided on a glass of White wine.

We also all decided to share the Super Green Gnudi.

Doesn't look so green when you put Marinara sauce on it, but they were amazing. They were the perfect blend of acidic tomato, rich cheeses and yummy deep fried goodness! The order had 8 pieces of Gnudi so 2 for each of us and was $13.

On to the mains!

I decided to have the Open face Meatball sandwich and am not disappointed that I did!

The portion sizes were very big for lunch but I won't complain about that. They use a nice Art-is-in bun for their sandwiches. The Meatballs were incredibly juicy and rich, the marinara is acidic and flavourful and the cheese was just enough to add some sharpness. I'm not much of a salad guy, so I was thrilled that they used a nice light oil dressing. I wasn't as big of a fan of the pecorino rosemary potatoes, I found the cheese and rosemary both very overpowering and not complimentary to each other.

K settled on the Cavatelli pasta.

It was delicious - salty, rich, cheesy and meaty. Everything a good pasta should be.

Steph had the Linguini Nero.

While Drew had the Halibut Fritto.

As you can see from the pictures, I wasn't lying about portion sizes!

We really enjoyed ourselves, the service was great, and the food was very impressive. A great change from all of the pubs on Elgin St!