Lucy, the dog we bought on Kijiji

Today, there has been a lot of chat on this story, one that discusses the perils of buying dogs from "backyard breeders." It hits close to home, since we bought our dog Lucy, from someone on Kijiji.

We had been looking for a dog for about a year and a half. A had spent most everyday begging for a dog, but I wasn't certain, since I hadn't had much experience with dealing with dogs growing up, other than my sister's sweet dog Murphy. I was browsing Kijiji one day, and saw an ad with a little black bundle of fur. We responded to the ad, and took the bus out into South Keys that night.

When we went in to see the puppies, alarms probably should have been going off. The lady's house was super clean, and there were two types of dogs she was selling - terriers and pug/lhasa apsos. The doggie parents were nowhere to be seen, and looking back, the dogs were almost too young to be separated from their mothers. However, we fell in love with little "Tuxedo Jane" and plunked down a deposit. We walked to Wal-Mart, picked up the essential doggie supplies, and took a cab to pick up our fuzzy girl. 

Reading this article today made me realize how lucky we were. Lucy has been a fantastic dog, even though we are pretty sure she's not Pug/Lhasa Apso, but possibly Pug/Boston Terrier. She's friendly, protective when you need her to be, and a lot of fun. It took a lot of training to get her this way though, and we are still learning together, even if she's a mature 3 year old dog now. So take that article with a grain of salt, but I will be looking to get our next dog from a dog rescue, since I'm not sure we will be so lucky again.

Much love to our Lucy Lu, Lucy Goose, Lulu, Muffin, Night Fury, and Boo Boo.


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