Edgar, revisited

So, I know I have already posted on Edgar, but I promise this one won't be so mushy...it's our first restaurant review on the blog so I hope you enjoy it.

K and I went to Edgar on Sunday, February 20. Luckily we arrived at exactly 10:00am and were the first ones through the door. Within the first 10 minutes, the entire 11 seats filled up and by 10:25, between 15-20 had come and gone for lack of seating. I believe this is a true testament to the magic coming out of the tiny little kitchen.

On to the food!

As we were waiting for our food, K was being stared at by a perfectly baked White Chocolate and Cranberry cookie (it was LOOKING at me! -K), which we devoured in about 10 seconds between the two of us. The cookie itself had a slight crunch on the outside while staying perfectly moist on the inside. The addition of the melted chocolate and tart cranberries was the perfect balance.

As usual, K ordered a smoothie (Banana, Raspberry and Blueberry), while I had my coffee, which Simon has gotten better and better at making each week, which says something since it was really good to begin with.

K and I both decided to order the Pain Dore, which as I expressed previously, I am obsessed with. This week was an offering of a HUGE portion filled with a simple ham, Jarlsberg cheese and apple butter. The bread had a nice crunch on the outside, while staying nice and moist on the inside. As anyone that has had Marysol's pain dore can attest to, she loves big portions with a healthy supply of maple syrup. Like I have said in previous posts, I don't usually care for maple syrup, I find it often over powering in terms of sweetness. The sharpness of the Jarlsberg was perfect to cut the sweetness of the syrup, while the ham added a nice savoury aspect to the dish, and also helped to balance out the sharp cheese and sweet syrup.

This may have been the best trip we have had to Edgar, the food was amazing, the place was packed, and Marysol, Simon, and Katie were on the top of their game making everyone happy as best they could, while maintaining their sanity during a very busy period.

The only issue I had during the visit was that there were dishes that needed to be cleaned. I knew however that if I went back and washed them, I may have gotten hit with a pan by Marysol or Simon. Just knowing there were dishes in the back drove me crazy, and is still bugging me to be honest.

We will of course be back at Edgar, soon, to enjoy another wonderful breakfast.

- A

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