Chocolate, the perfect food.

I'm (K) not the biggest fan of chocolate. I love chocolate, don't get me wrong, but I always had a really serious sweet tooth, so candy always seems to be my first choice. However, today A and I were at the grocery store, and a stand of chocolate bars caught my eye. It was a well-picked over selection of Rochef Chocolatier bars.

As you can see, the packaging is really nice. The whole bar, which is quite large at 106 grams, cost $6.99 at our neighbourhood Farm Boy grocery store. A and I selected the "Milk Chocolate with Maple Sugar" bar, which was very appealing since you could see the maple sugar studding the entire bar.

Most importantly, how did it taste?

K: I was surprised that the side of the chocolate bar that is showing through the packaging is actually the back of the bar! It's a thick bar, and it smelled delicious. The bar is separated into little pieces, but when herculean pressure was applied, the bar snapped anywhere it wanted to, which annoys me. The chocolate is quality, smooth and not too creamy.

A: I kind of have to echo K's sentiments about the annoying aspect of the bar being incredibly stiff and not being able to control where it snapped. The chocolate itself was very smooth, while the pieces of Maple Sugar broke up the smoothness very nicely. I'm not normally one for maple syrup, I'm usually an Old Time Syrup kind of guy, so I was unsure how I would like the bar. I found the maple to be too subtle, and it was overwhelmed by the chocolate itself. All things considered, I would not spend $6.99 on this bar again. I would much rather go with a simple milk or maybe dark chocolate bar and pair it with a nice bottle of Red Wine next time.

K and A

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