Elvis was the King...

The Spring Roll King! Badum bum. Yeah, I'm awesome.

Spring Roll King
508 Rideau Street, Ottawa

Last night was Oscar night. I normally don't watch awards shows, but I liked a lot of the movies this year, so I kind of wanted to see what happened. I HAD planned to make a very nutritionally sound dinner, but my sister's boyfriend ended up coming over, and he didn't like what we were planning on eating. So, I told him, that meant HE could buy us all Chinese food for dinner. And he did - he knows my weakness for food.

Since I've spent the last five years, before I moved to Vanier, living in Sandy Hill. Spring Roll King was always the "go-to" for the nights we ordered in. And, since they deliver here and it's still close, we continue to order from them. Not only is it close and familiar, it's totally delicious.

We all ordered a combo last night - the number 6. For 8.50 (according to the website, but prices may have increased a bit) you get an egg roll, chicken fried rice, garlic spare ribs and general tao's chicken, as seen above. Although we normally get orders for pick-up, last night we decided on delivery, since I was without a vehicle. The food arrived quickly, within a half hour, and was still relatively hot. The egg roll was awesome, it had great flavour and crunchy texture. The general tao's never disappoints either, and you can get it as spicy as you like it, which is great for someone who likes her food hot.

The garlic spareribs and the chicken fried rice are also great, really good examples of classic Canadian-Chinese done right. All in all, a great meal at a great price. And, to top it off, Colin Firth won the best actor oscar! Swoon!

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