The endless search for awesome pizza

Sorry for being absent... I was in Toronto for a few days for business, then I needed a few days for recovery. I've also updated the macaron post with pictures, so you can see the magic for yourselves, and know that I'm not a total liar.

One of our Twestival co-organizers coined this phrase "the hanger" which is when you are so hungry that you start to get angry. Does this happen to anyone other than A and I? I hope it does, or else we have serious issues... So. This one night a few weeks ago we were low on foods in the pantry, so I thought it would be nice to go grab some food. Except I couldn't decide on anywhere to go, and when I did decide, that place was completely packed and couldn't fit us in. Anyways, we drove in circles for about a half hour until I finally suggested trying to see if the new pizza restaurant in Hintonburg, Tennessy Willems. When A called, they said there were a few seats at the bar they could squeeze us into. We had a serious case of the hanger at this point, so we drove there immediately.

The place itself is adorable. I don't have any pictures of the decor, because as I've said, we were only focused on the food at this point. We decided to share an appetizer and a pizza, so we began with a charcuterie plate. It had prosciutto, some terrine, and a slice of smoked duck breast.

Looks good doesn't it? And it was. The bread was homemade, which was a pleasant change from the Art-Is-In bread that is normally served everywhere (even though it rocks!)... My only issue was that I found it a bit pricey for $11, not outrageous, but I would have appreciated a little fig compote or something to really make it a great plate.

And the pizza! This is the boar sausage pizza with apples and mozzarella. I really wanted to like this, I did. And it wasn't bad pizza - I really liked the smoke that was imparted from the wood burning oven, but it just wasn't as fabulous as I had read in other reviews. I liked the flavours overall, I just wished I had chosen a pizza with a sauce, and this one seemed lonely without any. I also found it a bit oily, which may have been from what appeared to be the pizza chefs drizzling oil on every pizza that came out of the wood-burning oven. I didn't think this cheese-y pizza needed that, but again, pizza is all about personal preference right?

So, it wasn't my favourite pizza ever. On a whole, it was decent pizza with friendly service. I think I will try Tennessy Willems again to find a pizza that I like!


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